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Whatever you stressin right now won’t even matter a year from now

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Hey guys.

Tell me about your crush.

What are you really excited about in the coming days or months?

If you wanna confess something or just talk.

Habla me.

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The person I reblogged this from deserves to be happy.

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Love this photo too

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My eyes hurt.





Speaks for itself

Take note of the:

  • black runner’s awareness of what he’s facing;
  • judge’s position;
  • white runner with his head down (oblivious to his opponent’s path/what he has to go through) 

This is very deep.

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today, monday the 29th of september, another incident in sydney - discriminatory attacks resulting from the terrorism raids that took place two weeks ago.

This happened today at Silverwater Park. Muslim hijabi mother physically attacked in front of her 2 children and her hijab ripped off. She was unconscious and the male perpetrators yelled at her “You F##### Muslims” and the proceeded to rip her hijab off. Two other men and a female bystander came to defend her but were attacked & punched by the perpetrators. Whilst the police covered the sister’s hair when they arrived because her hijab was torn off, they didnt arrest the perpetrators because witnesses at the scene stated that when they questioned the police why they were not arrested, their response was, “we are still investigating” This is despite witnesses informing them of what they saw. May Allah swt give her shifa, and her family patience, steadfastness, & justice. Thank you Team Australia

So in this case, can this finally be considered terrorism.. you know, attacking innocent people because they are/”look” Muslim? Or can it only be called that when it’s against white people? And what are the chances of the police actually arresting them? Probably none. Because in countries like Australia (or the US, Canada, etc,) white lives are the only ones that matter and the rest of us are dehumanized.

My heart goes out to this woman, her children, and all of Muslims in Australia (and the world). May Allah be with you through this difficult moment. 

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